General Treatment Services

All treatment begins with an initial assessment to identify problem areas and realistic treatment goals.   Together we develop your treatment plan based on your unique needs.  Most of the time, we meet with clients on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Therapy works best when clients take an active role in the treatment, working with the psychologist to identify areas of challenge, understand the roots of the problem, and develop strategies that promote positive coping.  Feedback is provided to family physician or other health care professionals as requested.

Problem Areas:

 panic disorder
 post-traumatic stress disorder
 generalized anxiety
 obsessive compulsive disorder

 mood disorders
 adjustment problems
 self-esteem difficulties

relationship problems
 marital dissatisfaction
 communication difficulties
 family problems
 intimacy difficulties
 sexual dysfunction

health concerns
 recovery from motor vehicle accidents
 coping with illness or disability
 chronic pain
 smoking or obesity

rehabilitation services
 independent psychological examinations
 treatment plans
 return to work

school psychology services
psychoeducational assessment
consultation with schools