Think, Feel, Change …  Psychology Works

Welcome to Dr. Carol Heusser and Associates.  We are Psychologists who have been providing assessment, diagnostic and treatment services since 1988.   We are Registered Psychologists who are held to the highest ethical and clinical standards.   Our psychologists have the knowledge and expertise to help youth, adults and couples work towards their goals and achieve healthy change.

Why see a Psychologist?

• Have you struggled with depression, fear or anxiety?
• Are you finding it difficult to manage daily stress at home, work or school?
• Have you noticed changes in your ability to concentrate, remember, sleep or otherwise carry out your usual activities?
• Are you having trouble getting along with your family, friends or co-workers?
• Do you have concerns about your parenting, your child’s behaviour, or your child’s learning abilities?
• Are you looking for help in coping with difficult life transitions such as divorce or loss of a loved one?
• Are you having a difficult time coping with physical illness or disability?
• Or are you looking for support and guidance as you explore new goals or directions in your life?

These are just a few of the reasons why people see a Psychologist.  No matter what the problem, you can expect that we will interact with you in a professional, empathic and competent manner

Contact Information

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Phone: 905-457-6525
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