Psycho-educational Assessment

A more formal, in-depth psychological assessment may be necessary when cognitive, learning and or performance issues are in question and cannot be determined through therapy alone.

A psycho-educational assessment involves several hours of one-to-one testing, depending on the nature of the challenges being investigated.  This can include examination of cognition (e.g., verbal and nonverbal problem-solving ability, attention and memory capacity, processing speed),  academic ability (e.g., aptitude for reading, writing and mathematic skills),  and social-emotional functioning to determine a learning profile and the nature of any issues that may be impacting on school or occupational performance.

After the testing portion is completed, results are interpreted and a report with findings and recommendations is provided along with verbal feedback.  It may be determined that a learning disorder, an attention disorder, a social-emotional problem or information processing issue is impacting on the individual’s school or job performance, thereby preventing that individual from reaching their true potential.  Generating an accurate learning profile is the first step towards the development of appropriate recommendations to help remediate or ameliorate the learning or performance issues.

Typically, a psycho-educational assessment will require approximately 12 hours to complete including testing, interpretation and report writing.

Psycho-educational testing can be conducted for children 7 years and older through to adulthood, and at all education levels including post-secondary education.

Independent Psychological Evaluation Services

Independent Psychological Examinations are provided by Dr. Heusser who has conducted over 800 independent evaluations since 1994.